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סוג העסק: יצרן, חברת סחר
מוצר / שירות: חלונות אלומיניום ודלתות, עץ-חלונות אלומיניום ודלתות, חדר שמש
מיקום: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
שנת הקמה: 2002
מספר עובדים: 201 - 300 אנשים
תשואה כוללת שנה שעברה): confidential
שווקים מרכזיים: השוק המקומי,אוקיאניה,צפון אמריקה,המזרח התיכון,דרום-מזרח אסיה
תעודות מוצר: GMC Certificate of Registration
זמן הובלה ממוצע: 45 ימים
פרופיל חברה

Shanghai Derad Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and our wholly-owned subsidiary - Shanghai Derad Door & Window Co., Ltd. were established in 1988, with an excellent location at No.38 Yuanshun Rd., Shanghai Nanhui Industry Zone with Pudong International Airport to the east and Luchaogang Port to the south. With a developing history of nearly 20 years, our company has a registered capital amounting to 20 million Yuan and occupies a factory area of 27,000sqm, with one 9,000 square meter workshop, one 13,000 square meter workshop, one 3,500 square meter office building and RMB 180 million fixed assets. Over the last two years, we have invested more than 50 million Yuan in introducing a lot of advanced equipment from Germany and Italy for Derad's top grade door and window processing, and after years of endeavor, with an experienced, skillful and professional team engaging in the R&D and management of new products, Shanghai Derad, for our scale, standardization and specialization, has already been one of the leaders in door & window industry in Shanghai. In 2002, our company began to carry out ISO9002 Quality Guarantee System and in 2004, we got ISO9001:2000 Quality System approval. Taking "With an effort to specialize in manufacturing a full range of high-grade and top quality doors and windows" as our developing direction, we mainly produce wooden, wooden-aluminum and aluminum doors and windows, and our company has been granted authorization by the internationally famous Italian Aluk as the cooperative partner. Following our business goal of "being ahead of the vogue, creating perfect quality, helping employees dream come true, shouldering social responsibility", and our quality policy of "design Innovation, advantage technology, refined skills, customer satisfaction", and adhering to our service principle of "respect, love and serve our customers forever", we will sincerely cooperate with all our customers, old and new, both at home and abroad, advance with the times, and provide you with outstanding products and services with ardor and sincerity.

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יכולת מסחר השוק המקומי : 75.00% אוקיאניה : 15.00% הצג יותר
קיבולת ייצור גודל מפעל : 10,000-30,000 מטרים רבועים מס' קווי ייצור : 8 הצג יותר
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Ms. Ada Tang
Ms. Ada Tang
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