1880 Waste Cardboard Rice Straw Pulp Corrugated Carton Making Small Paper Recycling Machine For Sale

  • 1 - 2
    ‏500,000.00 $
  • >=3
    ‏450,000.00 $
מספר דגם:
זמן אספקה::
כמות() 1 - 2 >2
זמן משוער (ימים) 45 סחיר
התאמה אישית:
Customized packaging (Min. Order: 1 )
design paper making machinery production line (Min. Order: 1 )


design paper factory layout (Min. Order: 1 ) פחות
פעילות חשודה דווח על
פרטים מהירים
כושר ייצור:
תעשיות ישימים:
ייצור צמח, waste paper recycling machine
סוג מוצר:
kraft paper
עיבוד סוג:
corrugated carton making machine
מקום מוצא:
Henan, China
שם מותג:
Guangmao Machinery
220V/380V 50-60hz
ספק ( w ):
ממד ( l * w * h ):
1 שנה
לאחר מכירות שירות הניתנים:
משלוח חלקי חילוף, וידאו תמיכה טכנית, שדה התקנה, הזמנה והדרכה, שדה תחזוקה ותיקון שירות, באינטרנט תמיכה
Raw material:
Waste Paper, old carton box, wood, straw etc
Output paper:
kraft paper, corrugated fluting testliner paper
Paper Industry
Paper making Machines
according to clients' requirements
electric motor, section drive
AC frequency conversion, PLC
corrugated carton making machine
יכולת אספקה
יכולת אספקה:
15 Set/Sets per Month corrugated carton making machine
אריזה ומשלוח
פרטי אריזה
תקן יצוא חבילה, מקרה עץ, קש חבל, pvc עמיד למים סרט וכו'
אריזה על פי דרישות הלקוחות.
1880 קרטון פסולת אורז קש עיסת גלי קרטון ביצוע קטן נייר מחזור מכונת למכירה
qingdao port
זמן אספקה: :
כמות(Sets) 1 - 2 >2
זמן משוער (ימים) 45 נתון למשא ומתן

1880 Waste Cardboard Rice Straw Pulp Corrugated Carton Making Small Paper Recycling Machine For Sale

Product Description

 The integrated pulp and paper mill machinery can use waste paper, old carton boxes, wood etc as raw material to make kraft paper, corrugated fluting testliner paper etc. The whole production line mainly includes pulp making line and paper making line. 

paper machinery

 Pulp making production line

The raw material can be recycled waste paper, virgin pulp, wood, straw, sugarcane bagasse etc. You can also mix recycling waste paper pulp with virgin wood pulp or other pulp. We can design  pulp making production line for you if you want to make different kinds of pulp at the same time or you want to produce cardboard paper with multiple layers. The design and installation will be made according to your requirements.

  • Hydrapulper

Hydrapulper is the main machine for breaking virgin pulp board and waste paper. It is applied in breaking and separation of fiber, and even purification and roughly screening of pulp. for examples: 

Drum hydrapulper

Single, double vortexes hydrapulper

D type hydrapulper

Vertical high-density hydrapulper

Upper drive power-saving hydrapulper

  • Rotary Spherical Digester

Spherical digester is widely used in integrated pulp and paper plant, which use wood, straw, sugarcane bagasse, bamboo etc. as raw material to make paper. 

The spherical digester is usually used together with conveyor, wood chips cutter, straw cutter, belt feeder etc.

After telling us your needs, the detailed quotation will be sent to you, which includes CAD layout drawing and all machinery list with specifications. Popular pulp making equipments include double-disc pulp refiner, double screw pulp squeezer, fiber separator, drum screen, high speed pulp washer, high-consistency sand remover, low consistency impurity remover, reject separator, flotation deinking machine, vibration screen, cylinder pulp thickener, pressure screen, pulp pump, pulp consistency controller, high consistency bleaching system, disc heat dispersing system etc.

Paper making production line

The paper making machine mainly includes molding section, pressing section, dryer section, winding section, driving section, air compressor system, foundation part and electric control system. Some paper machines also include glue sizing section, calendaring section, rewinding section and further processing section, like slitting, cutting, packaging etc. The modle of the paper machine depends on the capacity, net paper width,  and paper grammage you want. 

  • Cylinder mould

Cylinder mould is used in small and medium paper making line. The material is stainless steel and cast iron. Cylinder mould is usually spplied together with the vat. The design of the mesh, the diameter and the quantity of the cylinder will ensure when the pulp go on the mesh, it will not throw pulp and not leave any trace during the production. The finished paper can have good tension, strength and evenness in vertical and horizontal.

  • Fourdrinier

Fourdrinier paper machine is widely used in high speed and large capacity paper plant, especially in production multiple layers paper. The paper machine can be single fourdrinier type, double fourdrinier type or multiple fourdrinier type. The fourdrinier section includes fourdrinier table,  headbox, couch roll, vacuum water suction box etc. the length of the fourdrinier table and the combination style of multiple tables depends on the paper you want to make and layout of your factory.

In the detailed quotation, you can find the CAD layout drawings of paper production line and the whole plant, the land area you need, the dimension of the factory and all machinery list with specifactions. Paper making equipments also include felt, dryer cylinder, exhaust hood,  guiding roller, couch roller,  suction box, rubber rollers, marble rollers, frame, walkway and railings etc.

Kindly inform us the capacity you want, for example:

5-8 T/D10 T/D15-20 T/D25 T/D
20-30 T/D50 T/D60 T/D70 T/D
100 T/D150 T/D200 T/Dother capacity

Different models of kraft paper making machine: 

cylinder mould paper machinefourdrinier type paper machine
Kindly send us inquiry with the following information:

(1) the raw material you use? -waste paper/old carton box/ wood/ straw/cotton stalk etc.
(2) the finish product you want? -kraft paper/corrugated cardboard paper/testliner etc.
(3) the production capacity? -____ton/day
(4) the paper grammage you require? -____g/m²
(5) the paper width you require? -787mm/1092mm/1575mm/1760mm/1880mm/2100mm/2400mm/2640mm/3200mm/4400mm etc.

Packaging & Shipping


1. fixed all the movable parts with plastic films.

2. polystyrene foam plate wrapped around.

3. wrapped with tighted plastic films several circles.

4. fixed machine on the fumigated plywood pallet with iron wire.

5. wrapped with wooden board around and nailed on.


1. shipment can be by sea, by train, by truck;

2. delivery time: within 40 days after first payment or L/C.

Company Information

Brief introduction to Zhengzhou Guangmao Machinery Co. Ltd.(OEM):

 •     Founded in 1982, Zhengzhou Guangmao Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional paper machine

       manufacturer who specialized in manufacturing and exporting paper machine over the past 30 years. 

 •     Our products have passed Quality system ISO9001:2000 and exported more than 30 countries,

       Russia, India, Syria, Pakistan, Egept, Middle East, Africa, and South America etc. Our high quality 

       and perfect service have reserved consumer’s praise and more orders.

 Business scope:

 •    Various pulp making machine;

 •    Various paper making machine;

 •    Various paper processing machine;

 •    Various spare parts;

 Company scale:

 •     Four branch factories;

 •     One International Trade Department;

 •     Total areas is 96,000square meters;

Technology strength:

 •    One professional technician team of 116 engineers and 12 experts;

 •    32 years rich practice experience;

 •    One innovative research team,always follow the advanced technology of Finland,Denmark and Italy;

 •    Skilled and careful workers;

Our market:

     Our machines sells well in more than 30 countries and regions,such as Russia,Indonesia,Uzbekistan,

Tajikstan,Nigeria,Uganda,Pakistan,Egypt,Bhutan,Fiji,Brazil,Paraguay,Syria,Libya,Turkey,Canada etc,

 high quality and perfect service have reserved customer's praise and more orders, we also establish 

good strategic cooperation with local distributor.

Our Services

Perfect features of paper machine:

1.ISO9001:2008 and CE certificate

2.strict quality control of every procedure

3.get the documents you need for customs clearance to help you make it easy

4.200 staffs including 110 engineers will be your best support,and 2 paper experts

How to get your suitable machine and production lines?

1.inquiry:contact us by email,phone,fax,skype,MSN etc.

2.negotiation:after getting our quotation,you confirm the paper machine model and specify the items you desire.

3.contract:place order and signing the agreement files.

4.production:as soon as we received first payment,we will start to produce machines.we will notify client to book the ship 15days in advance.

5.delivery: all the machines will be shipped according to contracted items.

6.installation:we will send engineers/technicians to install the whole production line.

After-sales service: 

1. Our company view adhering to the "excellent quality, customer satisfaction" service concept, to provide you with excellent products and perfect service.

2. Our company keep the contract and reputation. Quality first, products guarantee a year, as it is quality problem, free replacement.

3. For every purchase of our company's products, the company can send technicians to guide the installation and debugging, and can undertake the design of process and equipment installation.

4. Our company ensure that supply of parts discount all the year round;

Design and installation:

1.We have professional team with rich experience of paper mill designed by CAD software.You only need to tell us your land dimension,we will make your future paper mill design.

2. We have very large engineer installation team,they can train and teach your worker to operate paper machine,but you should pay them salary.

Guarantee about the quality:
GM is a mature brand in china,more than 30 years manufacuturing experience of different kinds of paper machines.We strictly manufacture and manage according to IOS9001:2000 System,and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard.our paper machine is running well in more than 20 countries.



1.Why choose Zhenghzou Guangmao Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.?

 •    Founded in 1982, GM is a mature manufacturer in china with 32 years experience of manufacturing various kinds of paper machine.     

 •   We strictly manufacture and manage according to IOS9001:2008 System. And our machine,which is running well in more than 30 countries, can match all the CE standard or more strict standard.       •   We have a professional team with rich experience of paper mill design.you only need to tell us your open land dimension, we will make the future paper mill design for you.       

 •    In time delivery.

2. What kind of paper machines your factory produce?

We produce different kinds of paper machine. such as:

Toilet Paper Machine which can produce toilet paper, tissue paper, napkin paper, handkerchief paper, towel paper and kitchen using paper etc.

Culture paper machine which can produce A4 paper, notebook paper, copy paper, writing paper, printing paper and news printing paper etc.

Kraft paper machine which can produce Kraft paper, fluting paper, corrugated paper, Kraft liner paper, carton box paper and packing paper etc.

Coating paper machine which can produce coating paper, carbonless copy paper and thermal paper etc.

3. Can I visit your company?

  •  Yes, you can. Our company located in zhengzhou city, the capital of Henan province in China, if you take plane, it will need about 2 hours from guangzhou city, 1.5hours from shanghai city and 1 hourfrom beijing city.we will pick you up from airport as well as the train station. We will take you to see our machine running in our chinese clients' paper mill.welcome you and your team to visit us at any time!


1880 Waste Cardboard Rice Straw Pulp Corrugated Carton Making Small Paper Recycling Machine For Sale

1880 Waste Cardboard Rice Straw Pulp Corrugated Carton Making Small Paper Recycling Machine For Sale

1880 Waste Cardboard Rice Straw Pulp Corrugated Carton Making Small Paper Recycling Machine For Sale

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