Corrugated hanging battery display stand,cardboard paper display shelf with pegs

  • 100 - 199 חתיכות
    ‏26.00 $
  • 200 - 499 חתיכות
    ‏20.00 $
  • 500 - 999 חתיכות
    ‏15.00 $
  • >=1000 חתיכות
    ‏10.00 $
‏100.00 $ /חתיכה | 1 חתיכה (min. Order) | קנה דוגמיות
התאמה אישית:
לוגו מותאם אישית (Min. Order: 1 חתיכות)
אריזה אישית (Min. Order: 1 חתיכות)


התאמה אישית גרפית (Min. Order: 1 חתיכות) פחות
פעילות חשודה דווח על
פרטים מהירים
מקום מוצא:
Guangdong, China
שם מותג:
מספר דגם:
גלי קרטון B-חליל + 350g Ccnb
4c לקזז הדפסה + גלוס למינציה
שטוח ארוז, 1PC לכל קרטון או כבקשה
עופרת זמן:
עם 10-12 ימי עבודה
OEM/ODM דוכן תצוגת קרטון
הרכבה קלה, חסכוני, למחזור
יכולת אספקה
יכולת אספקה:
20000 Piece/Pieces per Month
אריזה ומשלוח
פרטי אריזה
Flat package,semi-3D Package,Pre-assembled Package
Shenzhen Yantian,Shekou
Product Description



Custom Cardboard Display 

Main materials:

Corrugated paperboard B Flute,E Flute,BE Flute...


Offset Printing, Flexo Printing,Digital Printing


Glossy/Matt Varnish,Glossy/Matt Lamination, UV Coating, Silver/Gold Hot stamp


Flat package, semi-3D Package, Fully-assembled Package

Sample time:

2-5 days

Production time:





Durable,Sturdy,Lightweight, Easy to assemble,Easy to carry


OEM & ODM orders are welcomed








Company Information






Sample Room


Our Services

 What services Yacai Display offer?

. Free display structure design

. In house production from design to package

. Screen, Litho ,flexo and digital printing

. Prototyping & Full color mock ups


. Small and Large Volume production runs

. Flat,Full or partially assembled displays

. Free product fill service

. Assembly Instruction Sheet

. Confidential Agreement



. Environmentally friendly and easily recyled

. Compact and easy to implement

. Easy to merchandise in-store

. Minimum space requirements in-store


. Ship flat in bulk or pre-assembled option



 Q: How can get a quote?

A: If you already have a display design with sizes,please forward to us for competitive quotes;

If have no design, then we’ll need your package size, how many products per tray or hook...other detailed requirements,3D sketch will be send to you for confirmation then we’ll quote.


Q : Will you design a 3D sketch?

A : Yes, since all details are clear, our designer will draw the sketch for approval.


Q:  About Quotation Sheet?

A:A full Quotation Sheet will show you below:

Display photo and material photo and description.

Printing method and what kind of surface treatment on printing paper

If need accessories

Package size and estimated Carton weight for you to caculate the shipping cost.

Quantity and Quotation based on EXW or FOB or CIF


Q: Can you accept small quantity order?

A:the advantage of dealing direct with a manufacturer such as Yacai Display is that you should receive a very competitive price for quantities above 200 units,unfortunately, for smaller run lengths, the cost of machinery set up times, cutting formes and print origination charges often make such projects financially unviable.


Q: Do you have Catalogue and Pricelist?

A: Yes, we have E-Catalgue, ready to send at anytime upon on receipt of your requests.

But please note we do not have pricelist as quotes vary depending on numerous factors including quantity, number of colours, delivery destination and construction.


Q:How Yacai work on Sample?

A: We provide white sample and printed sample for choices.

if you can meet our requirements, you can apply for Free Sample,ask us how to apply?

Upon receipt of Display structure with detailed sizes, artworks, our structural designer will draw the layout and our Graphic Designer will put artworks in layout and output them for Digital printing.


All colorful samples will use digital printing, but we’ll send you 1pc Offset printed Color Proof in A3 size.


Q:Sample leadtime and how to delivery?

A: white sample leading time is 1-2 days, printed sample leading time is about 3-5 days.

 When samples are ready, will send photos first,if every details are confirmed,we’ll pack it and ship flat to you,when you assembled the Display, if found any mistakes,contact us immediately,we’ll find an agreeable solution(for example...will remake the sample until you are satisfactory with it)


Delivery Method and Freight:

Generally, we’ll delivery the sample via International Couriers(like FedEx ,UPS,DHL or TNT...)and will need 3-5 days to arrive at your office,freight is Collect.

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