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Eyeglass Scratch Remover,Single Pack Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth,Alcohol Lens Cleaner for Eyeglasses

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מקום מוצא:
Shanghai, China
שם מותג:
מספר דגם:
lens wipe
Lens Wipe/Lens Wipes
Wipe material:
Wet Strength Paper/Spunlace
Scent or unscent
Soft A Level
Added Elements:
Vitam E
Cleaning All Screens
One wipe in Sachet, 20 sachets in one box
Country of Origin:
Shanghai China

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           Product Name
Eyeglass Scratch Remover,Single Pack Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth,Alcohol Lens Cleaner for Eyeglasses
Fabric Material
High Quality Wet Strength Paper
Fabric Weight
35-50gsm,or any customized weight
Wipe Size
12*20cm, 5*6inch,or any customized size

Ethyl Alcohol, Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether, 
Fragrance Essence,Purified Water
Can be scented or unscented as clients request
One wipe in one individual sachet,10-400 sachets in one box as clients request

1. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Pre-Moistened lint and ammonia-free wipes that provide thorough cleaning from all kinds of dirt gently by removing fingerprints, dust, oil, and smudges.
2. CONVENIENCE: Disposable pre-moistened wipes make it quick and easy to safely clean optics lenses.
3. LENS CLEANER: Does not contain artificial fragrances to safely prevent streaks on eyeglasses and sunglasses.
4. STREAK AND SCRATCH-FREE: Non-abrasive, antistatic micro-fine tissue cleaning wipes that leave zero scratches, streaks or marks on eyeglass lenses.
5. OPTICS WIPES: Wipes designed to clean all lenses like sunglasses and eyeglasses,Tablets, Camera Lenses, Screens, Keyboards and Other Delicate Surfaces.
200,000 sachets for customized labels
Lead Time
Sample: Within 7 days; Mass Production: 20-45 days
Shelf Life
3 Years

Question 1:

Is your company a factory or a trading company?

Answer 1:

Our Company Xinying Hygienic Products Co.,ltd is a factory and we have the rights for export & import by ourselves.

Question 2:

We don't have our own design and label now, can I buy the products the same as the pictures shown to our market please?

Answer 2:

Sorry all our OEM brands products are not allowed to sell to any third party except the brand owners, if you don't have a ready label right now, you can try white bag without any printings or use our OBM brands which are belonging to our company.

Question 3:

Can the sheet size, sheet number, ingredients, fragrance be customized as our own requirements?

Answer 3:

Yes, we are OEM factory and can do any customized wet wipes as your requirements.

Questions 4:

Can I get a sample? How to pay for that?

Answer 4:

 Yes, of course, our sample is for free charge; you only need to pay for the courier cost, it can be paid through Alibaba page, or Paypal or Western Union.

Questions 5:

Do you have a quantity requirement for each order?

Answer 5:

Yes, if you want your own customized pack, we have MOQ requirements, generally speaking, the MOQ for 1pc/pack is 100,000-200,000 packs, and MOQ for 20pc/pack is 50,000 packs, MOQ for 80 pcs/pack is 30,000 packs. You can email us for the details.

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** Super Thickness

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