Factory Direct Plastic Bracket Square Pipe Clamps For Flexible Pipe

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‏0.45 $ - ‏1.50 $ / חתיכה | 2000.0 חתיכה / חתיכות (min. Order)
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מקום מוצא:
Zhejiang, China
שם מותג:
מספר דגם:
Pipe Clamp
F Clamp
Product name:
Plastic Bracket
AD10 to AD54.5
electrical wires/cables
Working temperature:
Black,other color please inquire
יכולת אספקה
יכולת אספקה:
10000.0 Piece/Pieces per Day
אריזה ומשלוח
פרטי אריזה
100 pcs/wrap 50 pcs/wrap 25 pcs/wrap

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Product Description

Information :

Products code: ZHDG-VH
Products material: PA(polyamide)
Working temperature: -40℃~+110℃
Color : Black. Other colors are customizable
Variety available: two types available for selection: with lid and without lid
Property: ZHDG-VH type bracket is the fitting of flexible pipes, used for securing the flexible pipe or cables,etc.


Item No. Suitable flexible pipe B(mm) H(mm) T(mm) M(mm) A(mm)
ZHDG-VH-10.0 AD10.0 30 23 12.5 4 6.5
ZHDG-VH-13.0 AD13.0 30 23 12.5 4 6.5
ZHDG-VH-15.8 AD15.8 30 23 12.5 4 6.5
ZHDG-VH-18.5 AD18.5 35 30 15.0 5 6.5
ZHDG-VH-21.2 AD21.2 35 30 15.0 5 6.5
ZHDG-VH-28.5 AD28.5 42 38 16.0 6 11.5
ZHDG-VH-34.5 AD34.5 51 43 16.0 6 11.5
ZHDG-VH-42.5 AD42.5 61 51 16.0 6 11.5
ZHDG-VH-54.5 AD54.5 74 64 19.0 6 11.5


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We have more electrical equipment to provide for your reference. At the same time, if you have any idea, you can Send Inquiry directly.



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1.Online Service and Perfect After-sell Service

24-hour online service, Pls feel free to contact with us.


We are Factory Direct Sales, ensuring Competitive Price, High Quality and Quick Delivery.
We have our own Professional Team for more than 10 Years, can make as you require.
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Usually by T/T, if other terms, welcome to disguss with us.
Within 5-20 Days after receipt of the deposit.
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We provide samples for Free, and you pay for the express fees.
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