High-Z S-1000/T CNC Wood Router Machine at Competitive Price

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‏4,647.16 $ - ‏5,358.64 $ | 1 חתיכה / חתיכות (min. Order)
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תמיכה הובלה ימית
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כמות() 1 - 1 >1
זמן משוער (ימים) 30 סחיר
פעילות חשודה דווח על
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cnc או לא:
מקום מוצא:
שם מותג:
230 V
ממד ( l * w * h ):
1396 x 870 x570 mm
משקל (קילוגרם):
1 שנה
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באינטרנט תמיכה
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רב תכליתי
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Product Name:
CNC Wood Router
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Product Description


High-Z S-1000/T CNC Wood Router Machine at Competitive Price


While purchasing a High-Z/T, you get tested & proven technology. These CNC routers were conceived especially for higher traverse speed and for more extended precision (repetition precision approximately 0,02 mm).

The installed ball screws enable the High-Z/T engraving and milling results with excellent precision and a nearly unmeasurable backlash of only approximately 0,01 mm. Simultaneously there are great traverse speeds up to around 6500 mm/min possible.


This 3D-milling-machine series is useful in the hobby and as well in the industrial sector for works like milling, engraving, drilling or cutting.


All our CNC machines are equipped with energy-chains on every axis. This allows much better cabling management. Also, you will find on every CNC machine an emergency stop button. An additional emergency stop is located in front of the controller.

The CNC machines come with CNC controller and ConstruCAM-3D* Software (*not included with High-Z S-400)


From us you receive not only support before, but also after your purchase support for a machine life long via phone or TeamViewer.


Contact us for more information and the matching machine especially for your application.

To operate the CNC portal milling machine CNC control software and milling motor are necessary. Both can also be purchased optionally with us.


It requires an assembly of the suction adapter and safety enclosure on our CNC machines for commissioning that is CE compliant."







Product Name CNC Wood Router
Model Number High-Z S-1000/T
  • Table size / clamping area: 1390 x 690 mm
  • Travel Paths: X=1000 mm; Y=600 mm; Z= 110 mm

  • Total dimensions including motors: L x W x H = approximately 1396 x 870 x 570 mm

  • Weight approximately 45 kg

  • Working speed max. 12000 mm/min

  • Technical resolution: 0,005 mm

  • Backlash: +/-0,015 mm

  • Accuracy 0,01 mm

  • Tool holder (Ø 43 mm): euro neck

  • Compression during milling process on X-axis and two motors for constant tension

  • Limit- and reference switch on every axe

  • Emergency button doubly secured

  • Clean cabling because of energy chain

  • Incl. ConstruCAM-3D software

  • Frame substructure for universal application

  • Approximately 2 hour long briefing during collection and unlimited telephone support via Team Viewer Software are also included"

Product Applications



In our working examples, you discover inspiring CNC applications which you'll be able to realise rapidly and successfully with our exact and solid CNC machines. And all this without programming a G-Code. Our free ConstruCAM-3D software covers nearly all possibilities.






Examples for CNC applications

Customers are using our CNC machines for different applications. Here you can find several impressions, images and videos from users in the educational and commercial sector.




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