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Lu Xing חדש מטבע מופעל משחקים סופר למהר כדור כרטיס לוטו מכונת פינבול הפרס משחק מכונת

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Guangdong, China
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Lu Xing
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סופר למהר כדור
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אריזה ומשלוח

Unit Penjualan:
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140X910X200 ס"מ
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195.000 ק"ג
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קרטון או עץ אריזה על פי הצרכים אישיים. הגנה טובה עבור פנימי אריזה עם הרבה אריזה חומר.
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Deskripsi Video

 -----------Product description-----------

-Good quality and exquuisite outlook machine frames.

-New design machine, interesting game for excited feeling.

-ODM and OEM is ok for customers.

-Any details or needs you want to change please without hesitate to contact us.

-We sell not only full machine, but also kits, accessories, any demands in animation machine you can contact us.

How to play:

-Insert coin to get the game chance.

-Press the button to shoot the ball within the time countdown.

-Ball will fall into the hole which writing the prize, players will get the corresponding prize.

-If the ball fall into the bonus game hole, players also can complete the game and get the bonus prize.

-There are four bonus game for you to challenge.

-Good luck and enjoy your bonus game.

 ------------Product details------------

Product name New coin operated games Super rush ball  lottery ticket  machine pinball prize game machine
Style pinball lottery and ticket machine
Size 1300*810*2500mm
Weight 195kg
Packing Carton package or wood package is available
Payment 30% deposit after confirm PI, 70% banlance before delivery. Full payment for accessories.
Production time 3-7 days for production, large quantity full machine will needs 15 days
Usage Square, shopping malls, amusement park is auitable


----------Factory and our team----------

Guangzhou Lu Xing Animation Technology Company was founded in 2007, which is specialized in developing and manufacturing game machines and game board, the main business including sales of commercial game machines and game kit, including OEM, ODM,OBM, main product include commercial kiddie riding game machine,fighting game machine,gun shooting game machine,music game machine,racing game machine, and so on. Up till now, product are sold to all over the word, spreading to United State, Europe, Africa, Middle East, more than 20 countries.

----------packing and delivery----------

-Pack by carton or wood frames is according to customers.

-We use lots of bubble wrap, foam board and so on in the package for water-proof, crash-proof.

-We usually ship by sea for container goods with our full machine.

-Small valumn accessories will ship by express delivery for quick and saft delivery.

-Many of our kits, accessories we have stock, can be pack at the second day when you place order.

-Production time for full machine is quick, and we cooperate with the good reputation shipping agent for fast and saft delivery.




1. Voltage is different in our country. What do we do?
    We can make it 110V,220V,380V to meet different countries' standard.

2. How long will your products last?
    All machines are built with brand new high quality components. So machines are all in long life-span over years, and less fault problem. You only replace some usual-use accessories if you have needs.

3. Do you offer English manual? Can you help with installation?
    We sipport English manual for you. For game kit or game board we all have instruction in English, it's easy for assembly. Full machine all sell completely.

4. We want different games. Can you do that for me?
     It's possible to change differnet games for you with your favorate machine. We do OEM and ODM service. Please let me know which game you want and your other needed details.

racing game machine racing game machine racing game machine racing game machine racing game machine


vending game machine gift machine tickets machine prize machine candy kid vending game machine gift machine tickets machine prize machine candy kid 



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