OP320-A MD204L 3.7 אינץ תצוגת טקסט HMI תמיכה 232 485 תקשורת יציאות הצעה חדשה OP320-A-S

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Guangdong, China
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OP320-A MD204L
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פנה אלינו
10 יחידה
מצב המניה:
90 ימים
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1-3 ימי עבודה
PayPal, אבטחת סחר
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פנה אלינו
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1000 Unit/Units per Day
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Product Description

          *op320-a  English version yellow /blue                                      *op320-a-s  English version blue /yellow


*  Blue screen and yellow screen are just different colors and do not affect the function


Overall dimensions: 172 x 95 x 30 mm

Display size: 101 x 36 mm

Mounting opening size: 165 x 86 mm

Need specification, OP editing software, use case, mitsubishi software, etc, pls   contact  me  . 

The difference between op320-a and op320-a-s is that op320-a is A built-in 232 and 422 communication port (such as the original mitsubishi PLC).Op320-a-s is A 232 and 485 communication port (such as the original Siemens PLC), and other two types such as delta, letter, and so on can be used in general 232 ports.



Part Number: OP320-A MD204L
Unit Price: Contact Us
Moq: 10 PCS
Payment: Trade Assurance, PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union
Shipping By: DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, Aramex, EMS
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1. We accept PayPal, Trade Assurance, MonryGram, Western Union and Bank T/T.

2. Our Quotation includes goods cost, shipping cost and trading charges.

3. The buyers should be responsible for the trading charges.

4. The prices we quoted are correct at this time, but maybe subject to change after few days because of the currency fluctuations and the order quantity.

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1. We can ship the items by DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS, Aramex and China Mail Post.

2. We need 1-3 days to process the goods after the payment arrived.

3. We are not responsible for any accidents or delays when goods were picked by logistics company.

4. The buyers should be responsible for the import fees when goods arrived at the destination.

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