Sale on Premium Quality Used Books in Finest Condition

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Used / Second Hand Books
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Quality Books
Hardcover and Softcover
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Adults and Children's
All Types
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7 Tonne/Tonnes per Month
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Klang Malaysia
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7 Days
Product Description


Sale on Premium Quality Used Books in Finest Condition


We have used / second hand books, primarily in English. We have books available in all genres. All of our books are in very good condition and are all from Australia. We can supply on an ongoing basis.






Our Products


Australian cream clothing is very similar to UK cream clothing; it contains most famous UK well knownHigh Street Brands.
All of our clothing is of current fashion and contains many bright colours.
We are currently selling our cream clothing to many countries through out Europe, Ukraine and Russia.
We have available –

  • Ladies, Men’s and Children’s Summer Cream which is all packed separately, all is folded and packed in 20kg bags.
  • Ladies, Men’s and Children’s Winter Cream which is all packed separately, all is folded and packed in 20kg bags.

Cream Shoes and Cream Handbags.
We also can pack to suit all customers’ requirements

  • Our quality of clothing is one of the best qualities available in the world market.
  • It is in season, has a lot of bright colours and is of current fashion.
  • We are selling this clothing to many countries throughout Africa and Asia.
  • It has no stains, no rips, no tears, no rags and no rubbish.
  • Can also pack to suit all customers’ requirements.


  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Toys
  • Bedding (Household)
  • Curtains And Drapes
  • Wiping Rags Cut And Uncut
  • A Grade Winter Clothing Mix
  • A/B Grade Winter Clothing Mix
  • Wool Mix
  • Bric A Brac
  • Belts
  • Caps And Hats
  • Kitchenware
  • Books
  • Jewellery
  • Records/Cd’s/Dvd’s
  • And Most Other Used Items
Sorting & Processing


AUSTRALASIA RECYCLING SDN BHD has an extensive sorting processing centre located in Port Klang, Malaysia. With experienced grade sorters, every piece of clothing is assessed by hand using a range of criteria.


All clothes and items are passed through several sorting stages to ensure that each item is placed in the correct category. The initial processing begins with separation into several categories. These then move to the secondary processing phase where the items are separated further into A/B Quality & Cream Quality.


The items are then securely packed and shipped to our wholesalers in Europe, Africa, Asia and to many other countries throughout the world.



About Us


Welcome to AUSTRALASIA RECYCLING SDN BHD. With over 20 years of experience, we are the largest used clothing recycling company in Australia.
Our used quality items are sourced from all over Australia with the strictest quality control standards to ensure the highest quality materials are recycled. Our unique handling and processing techniques enables clothes to be sorted into A/B quality items as well as the sort after Crème quality clothes.

Our recycled items are sorted, re-packed and shipped direct from our factory in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to export buyers and wholesalers in Europe, Africa and many other countries throughout the world. 
Our products are all triple A grade quality and include the highly sort after Cream used clothing, shoes, bags, belts, bedding, books, and many other second hand items.
We also provide high quality after sales service to obtain feedback so that we can continue to provide the best quality used clothing in the world.
Visit our website today at for more details on purchasing high quality used recycled clothing.


Payment Terms: This supplier supports 50% Deposit Payment on placement of order & 50% Balance Payment on completion of order before goods are collected from warehouse.

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