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מקום מוצא:
Guangdong, China
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מספר דגם:
שם מוצר:
ידני עובש עיצוב ביצוע נוזלי גומי סיליקון
שני-רכיב מרוכז
ראשי חומר גלם:
אפוקסי שרף. פוליאוריטן קישוט
20-30 קשיות shoreA
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1 קילו
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25KG/ברזל תוף וריפוי סוכן 1L/פלסטיק בקבוק
יישום 1:
בטון וטיח עובש
לבן, ברור, שקוף נוזל

אריזה ומשלוח

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Item tunggal
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25X25X30 ס"מ
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7.000 ק"ג
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חבילות שונות זמין, 25KG/תוף
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זמן אספקה: :
כמות( ק"ג) 1 - 6000 >6000
זמן משוער (ימים) 14 נתון למשא ומתן
Deskripsi Video
Product Description


General Silicone Rubber for Gypsum Molding / China Leading Liquid Silicone Concrete and Plaster Molds Manufacturer

Guangzhou Jingyi Silicone Material Co., Ltd was founded in 1999, in Guangzhou, China, specializing in organosilicon, silicone, silicone rubber, technology products, glass fiber reinforced plastics and many other relating chemical products. After more than 10 years of efforts, the company scale has been enlarged. Meanwhile, we seek to provide customers with comprehensive services on the purpose of strict management, high quality and sound reputation. The current market was featured by innovation and competitiveness, our company, with high market insight, is continuing to develop and bring in products home and abroad.
Adhering to the developing concept of "excellence follows exceeding", and with the first-class sales services, fast logistics and prospective market ideas, we help add values to customers, and strive to become one of the most competitive leaders in this industry home and abroad.
Silicone materials are versatile in application and variable in type, it is hard to display all the products and types one by one. We will make silicone materials according to different requirements or samples from clients. We hope to build a brilliant future hand in hand with our new and old customers!

Our company advantages

1-More than 21 years’ OEM liquid silicone rubber experience for concrete stamping silicon molding rubber


2- Experienced export team.

3-Advanced machines and experienced workers.

4-Stable Capacity Monthly

5-Good QC system, inspection service

Why choose us :

1.Factory price with best quality guaranted.

2.Superior service :we offer perfect both pre-sales and after-sales service.

3.OEM service:a range of designs available,clients'designs are welcome and will be treated confidentially.

4.Good QC control: 100% QC inspection for the products at least 3 times before shipping.   

Relate products


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We can provide liquid additional cure silicone rubber with different hardness.


1. For small size and dttailed pattern(within 30cm), 15-20 shore A can be applied, which is easy for de-molding and will not damage the patterns.


2.For the products with medium size, such as 50cm, 25-30 shore A silicone rubber should be used.


3.For products with large size, such as 1m, 35-40 shore A shall be recommend to avoid deformation.


4.If the product is large but features detailed pattern, 30 shore A silicone rubber will be workable.(It will be better to protect the products from deformation to make outer mold.)

Note: All the above products hardness could be customized or adjusted according to customers' requirements. 

Applications of liquid silicone rubber

Jingyi Silicone Material is meanly produce: soap & candle mold silicone; RTV2 liquid silicone rubber for molding; plaster moulding gypsum decorative products mold making white silicone; medical grade skin color silicone liquid rubber for artificial human prosthesis like artifical finger; artificial penis silicone raw material rubber; 3D concrete bricks and Nordic style walll panels flexible molds; garden statues cement molding silicone; these room temperature silicon rubber are with different parameters for various materials of products, such as: polyurethane casting materials mold, high burn resistant resin products, scented stones, wax products, polyester , fimo pulp, paraffin, metal crafts, alloy, and food moulds,transparent insole, FDA food grade nipple, epoxy product, fiber rein forced platic composite products recycling vaccum  bag bagging making. There are two-componet, rapid molding liquid silicone rubber, with sound property of high and low temperature resistance,these molds can achieve the unshriking effect, and non-toxic and un pungent. It is of high transpancy and can endure hear to 300℃ -500℃ for our addition high temperature silicone rubber for molding. 

Loading the Material



1. Why will the silicone mold be reused only for a few times?

It can be due to the following reasons: 

a. Adding too much silicone oil in to silicon rubber. Silicon oil is an additive which can destroy the molecular weight of silicone rubber and reduce the tension and tear strength.

b. Using the silicon rubber with a high hardness to make molds for small sized products with delicate and intricate designs or the silicon rubber with a low hardness to makes molds for large sized products with simple designs. 

(Notes: we should choose the silicon rubber specifically according to the requirements of our products to avoid this problem.)


2. Why does the silicone mold get burnt out? 
This consequence happens only because you have left out the important notes when using unsatured resin materials to produce your products. The unsaturated resin products great heat when added the curing agent. So you demould the resin product within 3 minutes can avoid this problem.


3. Why is the appearance of the finished mold striate and unsmooth? 

a.It is because the appearance of the product or the model itself is not perfect

b.The product or the model has not been polished before the further operation

c. You haven't spray the release agent evenly

So when you make silicone molds, firstly you should choose a perfect mold and polish it, spray the release agent evenly on the product. In this case, the problem can be avoided.


More informations for silicone rubber for silicone pastry molds , please contact with us!

Contact Us

For the further information, please feel free to contact :


Guangzhou Jingyi Silicone Material CO.,LTD.









How to get free sample?

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