SUNY 2.13" E-ink Label Supermarket Price Label With Color E-Paper Display

FOB התייחסות מחיר:קבל מחיר האחרון
‏4.99 $ - ‏12.99 $ / חתיכה | 1.0 חתיכה / חתיכות (min. Order)
‏12.99 $ /חתיכה | 1 חתיכה (min. Order) | קנה דוגמיות
תמיכה אקספרס · הובלה ימית · הובלה יבשתית · הובלה אווירית
זמן אספקה::
כמות( חתיכות) 1 - 100 101 - 1000 1001 - 10000 >10000
זמן משוער (ימים) 3 7 15 סחיר
התאמה אישית:
אריזה אישית (Min. Order: 1000 חתיכות)
פעילות חשודה דווח על
פרטים מהירים
תגיות מחיר
ברקוד, שלושה צבע (B/W/Y או B/W/R)
סדר מותאם אישית:
Not Accept
מקום מוצא:
Guangdong, China
שם מותג:
מספר דגם:
E-דיו תצוגת Epaper
מסך גודל:
2.13 אינץ, 212 * 104pix, 111DPI
שם מוצר:
סופרמרקט מחיר תווית
CR2450 * 2
כוח חיים:
5 שנים
החלפת סוללה:
זמין, מהיר שחרור
LED אור:
3 צבעים LED עד 7 שילוב
טמפרטורת עבודה:
0 - 40 C
יכולת אספקה
יכולת אספקה:
1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
אריזה ומשלוח
פרטי אריזה
ניטראלי אריזה
N.W: 6.5KG
G.W: 7.2KG
מידות: 38*30*15
דוגמה בתמונה:
זמן אספקה: :
כמות(Pieces) 1 - 100 101 - 1000 1001 - 10000 >10000
זמן משוער (ימים) 3 7 15 נתון למשא ומתן
Deskripsi Video

SUNY 2.13" E-ink Label Supermarket Price Label With Color E-Paper Display

Suny Electronic Shelf Label

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Product Description


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Application Area 

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What is Suny Electronic Shelf Label?

Our Electronic Shelf Label is made up by the Electronic Paper Display.

Electronic Shelf Label can instead the traditional paper price tag.It can integrate with customer system(POS/ERP)to help save labor cost,improve operation efficiency and store image,increase sales.



Here is the cover range of our ESL wireless base Station, one station can control 65,000 pcs ESL in R=75M (max, open environment).


But in the real using environment, we only suggest the customer calculate one station can control the ESL tag in R=16~24M, 800 ~ 1,800 M3 area.

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Model 2.13 inch
Dimensions,L*H*T(mm) 66*36*14
Resolution,H*V 212*104
Display Active Area      L*H(mm) 48.6*24 
Power 2*CR2450
Weight 34g
Display Dot-matrix E-ink Epaper Display
Display Color Black+White / Black+White+Red / Black+White+Yellow
LED Light 3colors up to 7combination(R,G,B,C,M,Y,W)/
Frequency 433MHz Sub-GHz ISM
Protocol Private
Response Speed 5s (2colors ESL) / 10s (3colors ESL)
Viewable Angle Close to 180°
Replacement Battery Quick-Release
Battery Life ≥ 5 years
Cache 4 pages
Temperature Monitoring Support
Voltage Monitoring Support
Operate Temperature 0℃-40℃
Operate Humidity 5% - 80% (no condensation)



Parameter Name

Parameter Value


Structure size

120*120*30mm(L x W x H)


Operating Voltage

DC 5V, <=200mA
(POE Optional)

Needs stable power, don’t use other power sources.




Data Interface

Standard network cable interface

The mode of data transmission with the host computer.

Wi-Fi network interface

Optional module.


Working status indication

Red, Yellow, Blue


Operating Temperature

-20 ~ 55℃


Storage Temperature

-30 ~ 75C℃


Operate Humidity

5% - 80% (no condensation)


Storage Humidity

5% - 85% (no condensation)








Transmit power



Receiver sensitivity



Communication distance

20~70 meter

Depend on using environment

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Company Information
Our Services


Packaging & Shipping

Q1:Do you offer a demo kit for testing?

A:Yes. Demo kit is available, which includes all sizes of ESL, software, base station, and some tag accessories.


Q2:Do I necessary to use your software to make the tag work?

A:Not necessary. We will offer the SDK to you, you can develop your own software or integrate your own system(POS/ERP).


Q3:Did you offer SDK ?

A:Yes. Our SDK is in .Net version and .Net core version.


Q4:Could we get a sample of electronic shelf label?

A:Sample is available, but the price tag can't work without necessary software and hardware.


Q5:Which language could I display on the labels? Is there a way to send a png/jpg         programmatically to base station which then sends it to e-tag?

A:Our electronic shelf label is the dot-matrix epaper display, it can display any information that you need.


Q6:Can you explain why the label has LED light colors on the left hand side ?

A:The function of LED light:

a.Remind the information is update completed 

b.Product Promotion

c.Inventory Reminder


Q7: How long does the battery life last on standby mode (when not changing display) ?

A: The label's battery life can be up to 5 years (based on one day update). The battery of our ESL is a non-rechargeable and quick release.


Q8: I want to place an order,how can I make the payment?

A:The payment term is Alibaba trade assurance payment, it is support credit card and TT.


Q9:When will you ship the goods?What shipping company method do you use ?

A:We will ship the goods 1-4 workday after payment. Generally, we’ll choose these three delivery companies: DHL, UPS or FedEx.


Q10:The system is OEM?

A: We can OEM the tag and the software for you or you can develop software by yourself.


Q11:If the software is demo mode, which is the limitation?

A:Demo version VS Commercial version. Demo version software no database, can't store the goods' information, only can control 50 pcs tag.


Q12:Does the software require access to the external internet or Suny servers?

A:The software can access to your intranet or access the external internet, no need to connect to suny servers.


Q13:Do you sell the module or just the screen? Is it WIFI?

A:We are selling the label and it is WIFI.


Q14:Does it has humidity and temperature sensor?

A:Yes,it has temperature sensor.


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SUNY 2.13" E-ink Label Supermarket Price Label With Color E-Paper Display

SUNY 2.13" E-ink Label Supermarket Price Label With Color E-Paper Display

SUNY 2.13" E-ink Label Supermarket Price Label With Color E-Paper Display


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