wholesale kojic acid papaya whitening soap

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$0.50 - $1.50 | 1000 חתיכה / חתיכות kojic acid soap (min. Order)
תמיכה הובלה ימית
זמן אספקה::
כמות() 1 - 3000 >3000
זמן משוער (ימים) 15 סחיר
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אנטיספטי, Basic Cleaning, הלבנה
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Guangdong, China
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מספר דגם:
wholesale kojic acid soap
Product name:
wholesale kojic acid papaya whitening soap
Organic Material
whitening face soap
90 grams
יכולת אספקה
יכולת אספקה:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Day kojic acid soap
אריזה ומשלוח
פרטי אריזה
זמן אספקה: :
כמות(Pieces) 1 - 3000 >3000
זמן משוער (ימים) 15 נתון למשא ומתן
Deskripsi Video
Product Description

1)  Products name:  wholesale Amino kojic acid   whitening  soap 

2)  Ingredient: coconut oil,palm oil,almond oil,organic glycerin,Grape seed oil,natural essential oil ,amino etc.

3)  Efficiency: whitening body soap ,whitening soap face , whitening soap  for men ,whitening soap for kids ,amino acide whitening and kojic acid soap whitening effect .

  • About the advantages and characteristics our natural handmade soap

 4) Natural handmade soap main ingredient:

      palm oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, kojic acid ,amino acid  etc. 

The soap is use all plant oil made of natural handmade organic soap.

They can provide the needed nutrients for the skin during the normal physiological. While skin cleaning, they also can soften, smooth, and anti-wrinkle the skin.

They’re the first choice of long-term natural skin care. This is the main reason for the natural handmade soap is so popular in the European and American countries.

Advocate natural, pursuit of natural beauty has become the trend of the world's personal care. The ingredient and composition is the natural soap main characteristics.


   5) The natural plant essential oils are cresting to our soaps.

 According to their different specialties, mix with different formulas, to create a series of essential oil soap with various functions as whitening, moisturizing, oil-control, deep cleaning, shrink pores, acne treatment, Etc. 


 6) Special adding the food class color pigment for the soap

colorant for soap ,we use the food class color pigment , all is approved the FDA , and we can supply CAS NO. So our handmade soap all is natural . 

 7) Various natural plants dry flower powder composition is added.

There are 25 kinds of natural plants’ dry flowers as vanilla, oatmeal, millet, natural mung bean flour, turmeric, Vanda, SAUSSUREA INVOLUCRATA, Chinese herbs, etc, to create a series of natural essential oil soap with various functions as deep cleaning, moisturizing, whitening, slimming, remove freckle, etc.  Detail list as follow



8) Efficiency and advantages

Every series’ soaps are designed according to the common skin problems. With women’s skin care is priority, combined with the characteristics of the natural plant essential oils, mix with different formula, with the functions as moisturizing, whitening, slimming, acne treatment, oil-control, shrink pores.


product photo



Main organic soap 8




              Maccha soap                         Oat milk soap                       Peppermint soap                    Peppermint soap

    Grapefruit                                               Propolis cream                                 Lemon essential oil

 Cucumber moisture                                 Goat's milk lotion                               The blue sky

  Chamomile cold process soap          Lavender cold process soap                      Bamboo charcoal

  lemon verbena                               Rose                              Minimize pores                         Goat milk




                                                                      Amino acid soap

                                                                      Amino acid soap

 Green tea shampoo bar                    Orange shampoo bar                     Strawberry shampoo bar

 Lavender shampoo bar                    Ginseng shampoo bar                          Jasmine shampoo bar 

 Amino acid soap                      shampoo bar                         cold process soap                  Glycerin soap

bath bombs with toys inside    bath bombs with dry flower    Pearl jewelry bath bombs        Multicolor bath bombs

        Pearl powder series                  Pearl powder series          bath bombs with ring series  bath bombs 8 gift set


company profo



Q1. How many years experience your factory ?
A: We start do handmade soap ,bath bomb ,bath product  since 2007,

Q2. How do you guarantee order quality?
A: We have a team include more than 100 people working together to serve our clients. We take care every order each process.

Q3. Are you a factory or trade company?
A: We are factory with export license.

Q4. What is your advantage?
A  Quality stability

Professional technology, imported raw materials, strict QC, stable quality. By the customer’s feedback, our handmade soaps get the good reputation from home and abroad.

b. We develop new products every month. 
c. we can control order quality during production. And solve problems before delivery. 
d. Every enquiry we can give feedback within 24hrs. 
e. We supply free design for clients. And also we can send artwork    within 2hrs after client request. 

f. We produce by ourselves, so we can control the quality. 

G:  Natural greenness handmade soap

The raw materials are plant oils, after usage, the facial cleaning soap become the bubble water, which can be degraded by the microorganisms after 24 hours and return back to the nature. They’re pollution-free for the environment.

Q5. what certificate you approved ?

   Our company and product get  US GMPC ,EU ISO22716,FDA ,SEDEX , MSDS certificate .

Q6. how get to the sample ? how shipping the sample ?

  Our sample 3 pcs is free supply , pls you pay for the shipping cost .the sample time about 3-5 day . we shipping sample by FEDEX , DHL, TNT etc .
Q7. can you do customer private logo label ?

  We supply do for customer ingredient product , and cusotmer private logo design box and label .
Q8.what is your payment term?
A: T/T, L/C at sight, money gram, paypal, western union as well as cash.,alibaba .

Q9.how long for your time of delivery?
A: Normally 20-25days, can be negotiable for special request. 


Contact us



Contact people : AnYi Li 


phone : +86- 020 -82686141

telephone : +86-13724893385

whatsapp : +86-13724893385

wechat : +86-13724893385

skype : ANYi Li (china)  or +86-13724893385

address : 

Address:1st and 2nd of the second building,No43,LiXin ninth Road,Zengcheng District ,Guangzhou ,China.

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