XR-700P גדול קרטון ותיבה פיקוח רנטגן מערכת

  • 1 - 4 סטים
    ‏14,500.00 $
  • 5 - 9 סטים
    ‏13,500.00 $
  • >=10 סטים
    ‏13,000.00 $
עיוות בדיקת מכונת
‏14,500.00 $ /סט | 1 סט (min. Order) | קנה דוגמיות
תמיכה הובלה ימית
זמן אספקה::
כמות( סטים) 1 - 1 2 - 5 6 - 10 >10
זמן משוער (ימים) 13 14 15 סחיר
התאמה אישית:
לוגו מותאם אישית (Min. Order: 1 סטים)
אריזה אישית (Min. Order: 1 סטים)


התאמה אישית גרפית (Min. Order: 1 סטים) פחות
פעילות חשודה דווח על
פרטים מהירים
מקום מוצא:
Guangdong, China
שם מותג:
מספר דגם:
X-ray כיוון::
דרך מקסימום גודל::
מהירות מסוע::
0.4 m/s
גודל פיקסל::
דיוק זיהוי::
מתכת חוטי שבור מחט: 3.0mm
1.0KW (מקס)
דק אובייקט::
הדמיה של דק אובייקטים
יכולת אספקה
יכולת אספקה:
500 Set/Sets per Day
אריזה ומשלוח
פרטי אריזה
עץ מקרה שני כיכר
זמן אספקה: :
כמות(Sets) 1 - 1 2 - 5 6 - 10 >10
זמן משוער (ימים) 13 14 15 נתון למשא ומתן

XR-700P Big Carton and Box X-Ray Inspection System

Product Description


Food safety:

It is suitable for all kinds of meat, nuts, fruits, vegetables, chocolate and other internal foreign body detection. Impurities include: metal, glass, ceramic, stone, bone and hard plastic.

NDT inspection:   

It is suitable for bags, hangbags, toys, footwear, garments, metal parts, electronic componets and other foreign bodies detection. 

 Main Functions:

Fully automatic calibration hardware:

From initialization, detections and exit shutdown all process, X-ray and hardware imaging components will automatically run the best.

High resolution imaging module:

Using high definition X-ray sensor

Contrast sliding bar:

In view of the different density products detection, the best perspective can be achieved by the contrast sliding bar. 






Tunnel Size:


Through Max Size:


Conveyor Speed:

0.4 m/s

Pixel size:


 Detection Accuracy:


metal wires and broken needle: 3.0mm

X-ray Generator:

X-ray Direction:

From the top

 X-ray Tube:     

Tube current: 0.3~1.25m(adjustable)  Tube voltage: 140 kV(adjustable)

Cooling /Operation Cycle:

Sealed oil cooling/100%



X-ray Direction:

From the top

X-ray Tube:     


Tube current: 0.3~1.25m(adjustable)  Tube voltage: 140 kV(adjustable)

Cooling /Operation Cycle:

Sealed oil cooling/100%



 Images Storage:


JPEG, BMP and BITMAP format, Free setting of storage path,  500G hard drive to store more than 100K images 100000 pictures storage

Ultra-thin object:     

Imaging of thin objects

Multi-level user Management:  


Administrators, operators, and maintenance personnel hierarchical authority settings to ensure data security


Windows 7  

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Company Information

Factory & Certificate

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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping


The goods are to be packed in wooden cases 

Package size: 1650×780×1200mm



3-20 days after confirming the order, detailed delivery date should be decided according to 
production season and order quantity.




1. Are you manufacturer or trader?

We are manufacturer, we have own factory in Dong Guan, we have independent department for purchasing, producing, processing, testing, packing, storing , and transportation, believe our team is best team in china.


2. Do you sell the accessories for Products ?

Yes. We have Match the parts for our testing equipment. If our machines damages by fire, water flood, earthquakes, unsteady of power and other natural disasters, we are willing supply match parts with lowest price for you.


3.How about your after-sales policy?

Customer first is our always principle . All of our products normal warranty is 12months. We give necessary back or video guidance for daily problems. If massive products occur big quality problems. Our technical and engineer support overseas service .


4.Do you accept customer Logo and customized ?

we accept kinds of customized and logo of all of our products for customers


5. What’s your main product?

We professional in Metal detector. X ray machine and other related electronic products and machines. 

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