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סוג העסק: יצרן, חברת סחר
מוצר / שירות: אדם כדים, לחיות מחמד כדים, הדפסת חימר קופסות
מיקום: Shandong, China
שנת הקמה: 2007
שנת התחלת הייצוא: 2013
מספר עובדים: 11 - 50 אנשים
תשואה כוללת שנה שעברה): confidential
שווקים מרכזיים: צפון אמריקה,דרום-מזרח אסיה,מזרח אסיה,אוקיאניה,מערב אירופה
זמן הובלה ממוצע: 35 ימים
פרופיל חברה

Qingdao Hiyi Woodwork Co., Ltd. has more than 11 years of experience in the design and manufacture of wooden urns, chests and boxes. When I was 22 years old, after graduation from university with the major of International Trade Rules and Laws and Practice, I was engaged in my family owned business of manufacturing wooden boxes, chests, urns and furniture. When my father's generation retired, we focus on developing wooden urns, boxes and chests, and 100% customized design and manufacture for American and European clients. I was very happy when I received my customers' calls and emails to appreciate our great workmanship and friendly service. As some of our customers become my personal friends, like family members when we were drinking our local Qingdao beer together, I knew much more that my whole life task is to send them high and consistent quality products with quick delivery at reasonable low prices. My factory has been manufacturing 150,000 urns per year for the human and pet cremation industry, and cooperated with over 40 customers in the USA, Canada, the UK, etc. Our urns are made of many kinds of wood, such as Red/White Oak, Aromatic Cedar, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Birch, Beech, Ash, Pine and our local Chinese wood lumber. We are a member of IAOPCC and attend many conventions every year, such as AFE, CFA, ICCFA and NFDA. "Don't hesitate to work with us, just do it" is our slogan. A long-lasting business relationship with your firm and team is my goal, and my family's goal. Remember you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee from Hiyi Woodwork. You are welcome to place an order today! Makey Zeng, Owner

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יכולת מסחר צפון אמריקה : 82.24% דרום-מזרח אסיה : 5.32% הצג יותר
קיבולת ייצור גודל מפעל : 3,000-5,000 מטרים רבועים מס' קווי ייצור : 3 הצג יותר
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Mr. Makey ZENG
Mr. Makey ZENG
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