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סוג העסק: יצרן, חברת סחר
מוצר / שירות: מנוע DC, Z4 מנוע DC, מנוע מתח גבוה, מנוע שלושה שלב AC, הדיגיטלי DC בקרת מהירות
מיקום: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
שנת הקמה: 2004
שנת התחלת הייצוא: 2015
מספר עובדים: 301 - 500 אנשים
תשואה כוללת שנה שעברה): US$10 Million - US$50 Million
שווקים מרכזיים: דרום-מזרח אסיה,מזרח אסיה,מזרח אירופה,המזרח התיכון,אפריקה
תעודות: ISO9001
תעודות מוצר: CE,CE,High and new tech enterprises certificate,High and new tech enterprises certificate,High and new tech enterprises certificate,High and new tech enterprises certificate,High and new tech enterprises,Credit rating certificate,High and new tech enterprises certificate,Certificate Of Measurement Conformity,Certificate Of Quality Licence For Export Products
זמן הובלה ממוצע: 40 ימים
פרופיל חברה

Jiangsu Wangpai DC Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a keystone enterprise specializing in the production of DC motors and DC regulating devices. We own DC Motor Factory, Electric Control Equipment Factory, Fan factory and Foundry Branch. Our firm has enjoyed higher popularity in Jiangsu Motor industry. At present, our company holds more than RMB twenty-six million of fixed assets, covers an area of about more 30000m2, and has 380 staff including more than 40 engineering and technical personnel, 20 of whom hold middle or senior professional titles. Our company has a powerful technical force, abundant processing capability,superior process method advanced test equipment. At present the variety of DC motor has 18 series about 1500 specifications. The quality of main product conforms to IEC and won the trusted product of national consumers. The company had won the title of Provincial Outstanding Enterprise of Science and Technology and has passed the authentication of quality assurance system of ISO 9001-2000.Meanwhile the Wangpai Motor product has won the title of National, Ministry, Provincial, City high-class product and trustedfamous brand product from consumers. The products are exported to many countries and regions. Recently the company has carried out continuously the investment of technical reform and new product research and development. Particularly in recent two years, the investment is RMB more ten million. The company had built and expanded tool repairing and manufacturing workshop, motor coil workshop and fan foundry branch and introduced more fifty sets of high accuracy, high efficiency process equipment from Germany such as six-workposition high speed slot press machinetool, VPI vacuum pressure paint immersed equipment, special NC boring lathe for large motor and dynamic molding machine tool for large commutator and so on. Meanwhile the company had built and perfected measurement center, bearing test room and delivery test line for motor,increase newly more sixty (set) units of high accuracy measure and test equipment and also learnt domestic and abroad advanced experience and technology continously, So that the management level, technical force, personnel qualification, the quality of product of whole enterprise are improved. Provide all kinds of high-class Trump product to customers. The quality of Wangpai motor product conforms to GB and industrial standard. The products are wide used for electric power, coal, metallurgy, chemical , paper-making ,dyeing and printing ,rubber, war industry and technological field and are also exported to more twenty countries and regions in Europe ,Southeast Asia, etc, in order to meet the need of market development, the company has set up a high qualification sales team and also officer at more ten big cities such as Nanjing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Jinan, Wuhan, Chongqing, Taiyuan, Shengyang, etc. New and old customers admire these products deeply. Sincerely welcome domestic and abroad customers to visit and investigate our company and talk about business with us! Main products of the company: Z series DC motor Z2 series DC motor Z4 series DC motor ZZJ800 series DC motor for auxiliary transmission of rolling mill SSD590 series, SIEMENS series full digital DC speed control device.

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יכולת מסחר דרום-מזרח אסיה : 50.00% מזרח אסיה : 20.00% הצג יותר
קיבולת ייצור גודל מפעל : 50,000-100,000 מטרים רבועים מס' קווי ייצור : 4 הצג יותר
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Mr. Hanlin Wang
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