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סוג העסק: יצרן, חברת סחר
מוצר / שירות: פנים ניקוי מברשת, מכשיר יופי, לעיסוי, מניקור סט, שיער מסיר
מיקום: Guangdong, China
שנת הקמה: 2010
שנת התחלת הייצוא: 2010
מספר עובדים: 201 - 300 אנשים
תשואה כוללת שנה שעברה): confidential
שווקים מרכזיים: השוק המקומי,מזרח אסיה,צפון אמריקה,דרום אירופה,מזרח אירופה
לקוחות ראשיים: Kai corporation
תעודות: ISO9001,ISO13485
תעודות מוצר: CE,Test Report,Test Report,RoHS
זמן הובלה ממוצע: 30 ימים
פרופיל חברה

Shenzhen Hongwang Nicemay Electric CO., Ltd. is a branch of Japan Nicemay Co., Ltd., which founded at 2008, specialized in beauty, personal care products research, design, produce and sales. Factory located in the Guangming New District of developed economy, convenient transportation, covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with more than 300 employees. And, we have obtained ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate, and audited by SGS at end of year 2012. Introduced ERP management system at the same time, further enhance the management level of the company. We insist that all products 100% checked at production line, customer complaint rate is low. According to market and customer demands, we develop more than 10 new items every year. Excellent quality and professional service make Hongwang products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions, and long-term service in many top brands! Hongwang Products A. Heated Eyelash Curler Series; B. Electric Hair Remover Series; C. Electric Nail Care Series; D. LED Cosmetic Mirror Series; E. Beauty & Skin Care Series; F. Hair care series. Company Mission "Carry out the beauty to the end!" Which is the slogan and the ideal of each Hongwang people, we will continue to adhere to "people-oriented, quality win" values, focus on product of practical value and beautiful appearance. Let Hongwang at personal care products to become your close partner. Company version Strive for enterprises to maximize the overall value, become the world's most valuable personal care brand! Company Overall Quality objectives Customer inspection batch qualified rate > 95%; Customer satisfaction score > 85 Product hazard and risk degree = 0

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יכולת מסחר השוק המקומי : 30.00% מזרח אסיה : 25.00% הצג יותר
קיבולת ייצור גודל מפעל : 5,000-10,000 מטרים רבועים מס' קווי ייצור : 6 הצג יותר
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