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סוג העסק: יצרן, חברת סחר
מוצר / שירות: מחזיקים & Racks אחסון הביתה (אחסון במטבח מדף, מדף אחסון בחדר אמבטיה, סלון מדף אחסון, חיצוני מקלב), צינור נירוסטה
מיקום: Shanghai, China
שנת הקמה: 2010
שנת התחלת הייצוא: 2001
מספר עובדים: 301 - 500 אנשים
תשואה כוללת שנה שעברה): US$10 Million - US$50 Million
שווקים מרכזיים: השוק המקומי,צפון אמריקה,מזרח אסיה,מערב אירופה,דרום-מזרח אסיה
תעודות: SGS FA,ISO9001
זמן הובלה ממוצע: 20 ימים
פרופיל חברה

Company Introduction Founded in 2001,Shanghai Dongjin Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading and high tech manufacturer specialized in clothes drying rack and shelf storage rack industry. Located at Qingpu district of Shanghai, important industrial park of Yangtze River Delta Area, Dongjin cover an area of 10000 square meters with more than 500 staffs. Business Philosophy Rely on Innovation to get development,Credit-based to win our future., Dongjin armed itself with world top equipment and management system to provide creative solution for organizing household items. In response to the national call,low carbon life and beautifying the city environment,Dongjin launched Bonunion Brand to bring forth a new clothes drying rack and shelf storage rack series to use each inches of space and each available corner from outdoor spaces on the balcony to the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Competitive Advantage With more than 10years development,Dongjin have a professional team in R&D department which invented over 70 registered patents in the world. Furthermore,after more than 10 years technical cooperation with Japan, Bonunion Brand enjoy a good reputation by its excellent quality and good after-sale service. Marketing As China's fast developing,the living quality of people also improved. The further acceleration and depth of the process of rural urbanization,the household product industry in China has entered a period of high speed development to meet increasing demand. Faced with new opportunities and based on strategic approach Based in Shanghai,face to China and radiation around the world., Dongjin implement a series of marketing strategies, including franchisees, outlets, agents and etc. to framework a better life for 1.3 billion Chinese. Brand Superiority Dongjin entered a new development age in 2011, who invited well known HK movie star Esther Kwan Wing Ho as its image spokeswoman to improve Bonunion as a leading brand in domestic and world market by powerful media advertising support of CCTV, local TV, network and outdoor media. In the coming future, Dongjin will continue develop itself in the direction of standardization, industrialization and branding, and contribute to provide better products and service. Meanwhile, Dongjin invite all of the world to framework a better life.

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יכולת מסחר השוק המקומי : 80.00% צפון אמריקה : 5.00% הצג יותר
קיבולת ייצור גודל מפעל : 3,000-5,000 מטרים רבועים מס' קווי ייצור : Above 10 הצג יותר
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